Live Blogging: ONA Meeting 1/27/2011

Did you miss tonight’s ONA meeting? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out this post of the live blogging from our meeting. If you have any questions not addressed here feel free to email us at

(6:38) We will use to schedule our future meetings. Make sure we have your preferred email so we can contact you to get your scheduling preference.

(6:25) Question: How do we join ONA?

Go to the ONA website, ONA – – and sign up. There is a tab on the left where you can link to a form to join.

(6:23) Will: ONA also has competitions. Mizzou has never had a team win. They are really competitive and people pay attention to the projects.

(6:20) Will: Time to start thinking about next year already. In September ONA will be hosting a conference in Boston. It is a great experience where you can go around and meet a lot of people. It is a fun event that sells out. If you are thinking about being a part of this organization you should think about this conference and being part of the student newsroom.

(6:15) Question: What will happen between now and the next ONA meeting?

This is something we are still discussing. What is important is facilitating a discussion between everyone here tonight. Talking about what you want from ONA and even just talking about your journalism experiences in general. This group should work as a resource and a social network within the journalism school for you.

Suggestion: Mini workshops, for someone needing help with blogging or really anything else.

(6:12) Laura: There will be a ONA meeting once a month. At these meetings, we will bring in guest speakers, have workshops (who wants a job?) and other helpful tools to get you on the right track. Eventually we want to be able to even take field trips and help you get outside of the Columbia journalism world.

What do you guys want? (Answers: Job education, resource education)

(6:10) Will: $25 is an absolute steal.

Stephanie: You can also upload your resume to the ONA database and hunt for jobs. This is great for people graduating and about to head out into the “big kids” world and also great for underclassmen looking for internships. It’s all about the connections.

(6:08) Matt: So there’s a reason why this meeting doesn’t have free food? You know why… it is because we’re not an official organization yet. Here’s how we get organizational status:
We need 10, scratch that, 6 members to get on board. THEN we can get our hands on free food. Nachos anyone?

Amy: BUT to also become a legitimate ONA club we need members to become official ONA members. To do that you need to sign up on the ONA website and pay a $25 membership fee.

(6:05) Stephanie: ONA: Inspire excellence and innovation among digital journalists to better serve the public. ONA is a professional organization of digital journalists who want share their experience and learn more about their industry. It is the fastest growing journalism organization in the world and we want to bring this club to Mizzou. There’s not really an outlet on campus targeted to online media, we need a home base. It’s ironic that for as much emphasis we put in online media we don’t have a club solely centered around it. That’s why we are here and the motivation behind our capstone project and the founding of this club.

(6:01) Amanda: Current “executive board” for our Mizzou club is convergence students Matt Hibbard, Stephaine Stouffer, Amanda Klohmann, and Laura Hibbard. Amy Simons and Will Sullivan are helping advise.

More about Will: We are lucky that one of the members of the ONA Board of Directors. Will Sullivan is an RJI fellow currently working on mobile technology development. He is our resident expert and will be a great resource for this club. He has won awards for his innovative interactive work from organizations including ONA and worked as the Interactive Director at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Will’s news and technology blog was also selected as one of the 10 Best “Future of Journalism” blogs, he’s one of the New York Times picks for the best Twitter users for interactive journalism and one of the top 15 minds on’s journalism Twitter list.

(5:45pm) Ready, set, go. For our first ONA meeting (ever) we decided to help you out. If you are not able to hike across campus to meet us in RJI 100 have no fear – because live blogging is here.

Follow along with this post and you can get all the info provided in tonight’s meeting. The top of this post will have the most recent updates, and if you want pervious information just scroll down.

And if you prefer updates via 140 character posts you can also follow along on twitter by following the @ONAMizzou account!


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