The solution for a successful merger of social media and news?

By: Laura Hibbard

The fact that social media has opened up new ways to stay connected is old news. One of the bi-products of Facebook’s success was Facebook stalking. From that came the need to, if we’re honest, know what everyone else is doing. Ever since, media outlets have been scrambling to find ways to use this cultural shift to generate a larger audience, and, in turn, larger profits.

Rubert Murdoch’s The Daily, the iPad newspaper that launched in February, hasn’t had the success that many hoped it would.

However, The New York Times has reportedly sold 100,000 + digital subscriptions in the first three weeks on its new paywall system, so there are some success stories. That’s less about new media, though, than just making money on what it already had. Its new venture, however, is proving to be exactly opposite.

Enter, a social news reader born from the collaboration by The New York Times and betaworks. Depending on how many times a story is shared within their Twitter network, users will be able to keep up with what their network is reading and linking.

Is capitalizing on the new cultural need to be permanently connected to each other what previous news apps (i.e. The Daily) have been lacking? Are we more likely to read an article if we know that a friend-of-a-friend has read it, too? Is this the missing piece to the puzzle?


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