Survey Describes Differences Between Apple And PC Users

By Matthew Hibbard

Want to be in the cool crowd? Get a Mac.


Interested in knowing more about your life through the gadgets you buy? Hop on to According to its website, Hunch connects “every person on the web with their affinity for anything”. Its goal is to use its algorithmic formulas to provide recommendations to users.

Some of these results are explained in a recent article published on CNET writer, Chris Matyzsczyk says the survey only widens the divide between PC and Apple users. If anything, he’s expecting a lively debate to come out of this survey.

“[I hope] this data will either be debunked or confirmed in a fair fight, each round lasting no longer than 30 minutes,” Matyszczyk said.

Here are some of the results from that survey:

  • Mac users are 50 percent more likely to frequently throw parties than PC users.
  • PC users are 26 percent more likely to prefer fitting in with others.
  • PC users will content themselves with fries from McDonald’s.

In my opinion, technology giants like Apple are overgeneralizing their products and using this technique to drive up revenue.

Apple is taking an experience straight out of the elementary school playground, using it as an effective marketing tool. We hold on to this need to belong and have applied it to the interactions we make, the morals we live by and, yes, even the gadgets we purchase.

But what can news industries take from these surveys? If we know that 80 percent of Mac users are vegetarian compared to PC users, should we remove advertisements that sell meat products?

Tell us what you think about this survey in the comment section below.


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