Online dating becomes less creepy with networking approach

By Stephanie Stouffer

Ever gone online to find that special someone? Do you find it creepy? I think Clique could be your solution. Sites like boast thousands of users, but no one really knows who these people are. Last week a woman from California filed a class action suit against because she was allegedly assaulted by a man she met on the website. Clique changes that and brings significantly safer experiences to its users. How? By using LinkedIn-type tactics. Just as your contacts on LinkedIn are designated by the “degree” to which you are connected, Mashable explains that your Clique contacts are designated in the same way. You can’t even see profiles that aren’t at least 3rd degree connections. Pretty cool stuff! It’s like creating an expanded web of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes for you to scope out — then you can make that phone call to your friend and ask for an introduction.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports many states are attempting to pass legislation that will protect dating site users. says it will start screening its users against the national sex offender registry to prevent offenders from joining the site and targeting users. So, stay safe out there, and check out Clique — maybe your friends met someone at a wedding last weekend and forgot to introduce you.


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