Aflac uses social media to hire new duck voice

By Stephanie Stouffer

Ever heard a duck audition? Dan McKeague is an expert.

Who knew to get an awesome job all you had to do was yell Aflac in a duck voice! But seriously… Aflac was forced to fire the original voice man, Gilbert Gottfried, after he made snide comments on Twitter during the Japan tsunami, according to Mashable. Aflac marketing/execs did a great job of advertising the search for the new duck voice via social media, getting people to audition from all over the country. They created an entirely separate website for the search, too, which really designated a niche for the project. After the CEO and his team made the hire, they posted the video of the final interview (which is what is posted above) and a more fun-loving version with the duck:

But what might be more intriguing is the job listing posted on AOL. The top few videos, or the most memorable, were posted to the site after crowdsourced voting determined which videos deserved the spot. This is an excellent marketing tool for Aflac — not only did it encourage user-interaction on AOL, Aflac is a household name and the project only proved Aflac’s ability to connect with a wide audience.


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