Passing the Torch: ONA Mizzou Holds Elections

By Matthew Hibbard

What started out as a capstone project for four individuals is now turning into an actual student club with elected officers. Last night, ONA Mizzou’s current executive board began the transition process by holding the first-ever ONA Mizzou executive board elections.

Those who attended the event were mainly those who were running for an officer position. The positions that were on the ballot were: President, Vice President, Secretary, Finance and Social Media.

Here are the results from the elections:

  • For President, ONA Mizzou has elected Melanie Gibson (@MelroseGibson)
  • For Vice President, ONA Mizzou has elected Ashley Crockett (@ACroquet)
  • For Secretary, ONA Mizzou has elected Nicole Garner (@nlgarner)
  • For Finance, ONA Mizzou has elected Addison Walton (@addisonwalton)
  • For Social Media, ONA Mizzou has elected Andrew Gibson (@AndrewGibson27)

As a member of the founding executive board of ONA Mizzou, I am proud and confident these individuals will carry this club to new heights.

Curious to know a little bit about our newly elected officers? Stop by next week to read their own personal biographies written by them.


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Welcome to the official blog page for University of Missouri students working to bring the Online News Association to Mizzou.
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